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Our Video Teleconferencing and Distance Learning department provides technical service and support for video teleconferences via satellite, video, web and audio telephone conferences for groups. Sat-Link Communications provides coordination of events, from finding compatible remote sites around the world to facilitating room reservations and AV set-ups. Training and preparation for participants and presenters is available, as well as coordination of technicians at other participating facilities. Call for more information or a demonstration.

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Satellite Teleconferences

Video Teleconferences provided via satellite are "uplinked" to a satellite from a remote site or production facility. The broadcast can then be "downlinked" using an appropriate satellite dish and receiving system. Sat-Link Communications can provide portable satellite downlink equipment and audio video equipment from C-Band, KU-band services to your site for schools, universities, conferences, small group meetings, or a more casual setting such as a restaurant.