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As of June 12, 2010, local television stations nationwide are broadcasting exclusively in a digital format. Digital television, or DTV, is a technology that gives viewers crystal-clear pictures and sound, and more programming choices than ever before. Now you can receive all your favorite Network Channels in HDTV. We install free digital TV for buildings

Digital TV Antenna and Installation required for Free Digital TV

We feature the Wingard square shooter antenna To get free digital TV, you will need to have us install a small, inexpensive outdoor digital TV antenna. Our favorite is the Winegard "Square Shooter" outside antenna in a compact 16" x 16" size which can easily be placed on a balcony or side of your home and connected to the existing structure's TV wiring.

Free Digital TV Distributed throughout Multi-Story Buildings

Free digital TV service works great for apartment complexes, hospitals, and large office structures. If you have TV cabling already in your property, we can add a small digital antenna, distribution devices if needed, and deliver TV to your tenants while eliminating your cost of cable or other pay TV services.

Whether you have 3-units or a thousand units, we will evaluate to determine cost savings with our free digital over-the-air TV equipment installation.

We install free digital TV for buildings

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