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Business background music from $29.95 Tired of paying high monthly fees and being burdened with long-term contracts just to have music at your business? SIRIUS XM Satellite Radio is the solution. Broadcasting coast-to-coast, 24-hours a day from state-of-the-art studios in the heart of New York City, SIRIUS XM uses a fleet of high-power satellites to deliver SIRIUS XM Satellite Radio commercial-free music channels. From a collection of over 500,000 songs, the channels span a huge array of categories, from pop to hip-hop; from blues to classical. Whatever genre suits your business and pleases your customers, we've got it. All this for just $29.95 per month - with no contract!

The time is now for your business to get Sirius
  • Low monthly fee - Starting at only $29.95/mo
  • Commerical Free - Let us repeat: SIRIUS has zero commercial on all its music channels. No more disruptive interruptions and no advertisements from competing businesses broadcasting within the confines of your own business.
  • Long-term contracts unnecessary - Many music service providers lock customers in with long-term contracts. Sirius gives its customers the month to month option.
  • Inexpensive equipment - Outrageous installation costs, clunky radios, and enormous satellite dishes are a thing of the past to SIRIUS customers. Just purchase a SIRIUS receiver and antenna kit form an affiliated business partner, install into your existing business sound system, and you are good to go.
  • Installation made easy - Do it yourself or have our qualified technicians do it for you starting at $199.99.
  • Channel Blocking - A unique package is available that allows you to block channels not desired for you business- plus every receiver has password control.
  • No royalty hassles - With radio or CDs, you are required to pay royalties to ASCAP, BMI and SESAC, the agencies that represent the music copy right proprietors. With Sirius Music for Your Business, no additional charges will be added.
  • Listen Now - Once you sample our service there will be no going back. Listen Now to our 67 commercial free music channels. Free online streaming access available for personal accounts only.

If you'd like to learn more about Sirius's Commercial Service Packages, please contact us with your business information. We will contact you promptly to describe Sirius's Commercial Service, answer any of your questions, suggest appropriate Sirius equipment solutions, and provide professional installation services, if necessary.

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