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DFH channels, Turkish lineup

Direct-From-Home Network Inc. (DFH), a California based company established in 1998, is a rapidly growing premiere provider and producer of Turkish broadcast programming in North America through DTH (direct-to-home) satellite services. DFH's Turkish language programming via its 11 television and 4 radio channels offer viewers a variety of entertainment and information choices including sports (exclusive broadcast of Turkish Premiere Soccer League), soap operas, fashion, health, cooking, music, talk-shows, movies, news and public affairs programming.

DFH Network Inc. is the first US Broadcasting Company to launch a subscription based digital bouquet of channels, providing a full range of general entertainment, news, films and live soccer games to the Turkish speaking households in every region of North America.

Since its first on-air date of December 25th, 1998, the company has penetrated into 10% of two and a half million Turkish-speaking US and Canadian households that is composed of Turkish-Americans and Turkish-Armenians Azerbaijanis, Turkish Speaking Persians, Greeks, Bulgarians and all other neighboring ex-Ottoman Empire Countries..

DFH, as the first Turkish-language broadcaster in North America, has created a well respected and well-known brand-name amongst the "Turkish neighborhood"